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Herbal Consultations Center is Bakersfield’s most trusted resource for safe and reliable Medical Marijuana Evaluations. Conveniently located in central Bakersfield. We have kind and courteous medical staff waiting to assist you. Our compassionate Doctors are safe and reliable and ready to assist you in your needs as a Medical Marijuana Patient. If you need a new 420 evaluation or just a renewal, come see us!

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Currently only scheduling appointments on Saturdays
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 Bakersfield’s #1 420 Evaluation Center

 Friendly and Respectful Staff

 Trained Medical Personnel on-site

 Discrete parking behind building

 Clean, Safe, Professional Environment

Specials and Pricing
Greenlife Medical

 California’s most Recognized 420 Reccomendations

 100% Confidential and fully HIPAA compliant

 24x7 Verification, State-wide

 Fully Legitimate and Defensible in Court.

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